Optos Ultra-Wide Imaging

The Optos Daytona is an advance widefield retinal imaging used routinely at our practice to screen for retinal eye disease. The retina is the only part of our body where blood vasculature is visible. As such, systemic disease such as diabetes and hypertension can be seen.

Imaging is non-invasive, safe, quick and painless. One scan can capture up to 80% of the retina in one panoramic image. Traditional retinal imaging captured only 15% of the retina. Many clinics worldwide are now using this technology as a standard of care for evaluating and managing eye diseases. Files of scans are stored for comparative assessment over time.

Optos Ultrawide Imaging
Image source: https://www.optos.com/products/daytona

Eye diseases can start at an early age and often without warning signs. Detected early and with treatment, blindness can be often be avoided. So anyone who is able to sit still for a short moment should have widefield imaging done. In the majority of cases dilating drops are not required. However the optometrist may use these drops in cases where the pupils are very small. If drops are used, you may experience some light sensitivity for a few hours.